Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun way to do your walking down the aisle

Many of you may seen this clip already but I think it's good to share if you haven't have the chance to view. This couple planned a SO MUCH FUN way to walk down the aisle. Very creative and made the wedding ceremony HOT!

They are also interviewed by the If you are interested to know to whole story/plan, click here.

Now, enjoy the clip~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colorful Wednesday

Found a very useful resource for you all when I was shopping with my bride to DIY her wedding ceremony program. If you are still wondering how to mix and match your color or trying to show your florist the color swatch of your wedding color, visit any of the Paper Source stores and get their color layout for free or purchase their color booklet for $5.

So next time when anyone ask you about your wedding color, you can show them right away~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colorful Wednesday

Let's talk about shoes today! Wait?? isn't this suppose to be things related to color??

That's right, we will be covering ideas of the colorful flip flop to make you stay energetic throughout your wedding day!

First things when brides and bridesmaid look for their wedding shoes would be the gorgeous high heels to make them look even more stunning. But you may also want to consider to get a pair of pretty and comfortable flip flop to make your feet happy! Either if you are a super fans with the gorgeous high heels or not to friend with them, your feet will be tired by the middle of the wedding day after all the walking and standing. Be good to your feet and enjoy the party all the way through, a pair of flip flop is what you will need. A lot of retail stores nowadays sell flip flop in many different colors, not just black and blue. You can get a pair of flip flop to match your wedding color or maybe the dress you will be in while dancing.

colorful flip flop

Get a pair of pretty flip flop to stay energetic throughout the day of your wedding!!!

If you are looking for something in style, check out the ones at JCrew! They have these pretty Camellia flower flip flop that will make you look stunning even if you are on flip flop. Here is our pick for the summer or beach wedding~

J Crew Flip Flop for Wedding
J Crew Flip Flop for Wedding

Friday, July 10, 2009

Keeping Your Relationship Happy and Long Lasting

Now that you decided to spend the rest of your life with your love one and very excited to plan your wedding and lives together. I want to share with you a few articles that I found from the MSN Lifestyle page about keeping your marriage long and happy. I encourage the two of you to read the articles and hope that you will learn and keep your lives together happy, healthy, and long lasting! :)

Click on the link below:
Making Marriage Work


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colorful Wednesday

Do you always wonder if there's a way to put your wedding colors together before deciding on your colors during your wedding planning process? Well, with today's technology, there are websites to help you put things together so that you have the perfect choice on colors for your wedding.

To get it started, check out this link and play with the "Wedding Color Palettes"! Let's make your wedding colorful~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make your 'Save-the-Date' to the next level

There are a lot of ways to create your save-the-date! Like card, postcard, photo postcard, magnet, or something represent your wedding and personal, and more… Now you can have more way to make it special!

My friend, Andrew Hsu from Studio MSV has introduced the new idea to make your “Save-the-Date” video!

Why do you need a movie for your save-the-date? Here’s why from Andrew:
• Because movies are awesome - and starring in your own movie is doubley awesome!
• Because movies are the wave of the future! (You know YouTube but there's no such thing as YouCards.)
• Because it saves trees! I can post your video on your own special website and you can simply email your guests the URL without dowing a single tree!
• Because it saves on postage - which saves on fossil fuels. Do you hate the earth? >:-(
• Because it's different than the save the date cards your girlfriends got for their wedding last year (which makes your rad!)
• Because it saves money! At $550 per video, it can be cheaper than many Save the Date cards you'd get online (don't forget postage!)
• Because if you use Save the Date Cards instead of Save the Date Movies, you have to say "STD" instead of the less noxious "SDM" :-) hahaha! Just kidding!
It’s show time!! Enjoy the “Save-the-Date Video” by Andrew for Thomas at Thomas John Events.

Thomas and Melissa: Special Message from andrew msv on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colorful Wednesday

Wedding Cocktail by Color
Oh...the sun hot! Let's get some colorful cocktail to cooler the day down~ Shall we?

I was browsing on the web and found a very educational information that I want to share with you all. It's been out there but it's getting popular that a lot of brides and grooms been adding this little small detail to their wedding to tie in the theme and color. If you have no idea of what to do with your beverage package, why not adding this and surprise your guests.

Most often when people first see the color of your wedding would be the way you decorate the location, color of the flowers and linens, or even chair covers. But do you know there's more ways to incorporate your color throughout the whole event? That's right! One way to do is to incorporate some yummy colorful drinks during your cocktail hour. No matter what color scheme you are heading to, there is always a way to mix and match a tasteful cocktail and make it more fun. Make sure your guests have a memorable day and fun celebration with you.

For recipes of the yummy colorful cocktails, click here and begin with your drink mix and match!