Thursday, July 19, 2007

Create your own Wedding website

I noticed that creating your own wedding website has been the new trend for the last few years. You can do it on The Knot, or some gifts registry website nowadays. I was just searching online and would like to share with you what I found. eWedding--they host free membership for couple to own their wedding website for 12 months. They have different themes of design that you can choose from. If you are looking for a website to host your story and your special day information, check it out. ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oversea Wedding -- Hong Kong

During the month of June, I have the honored to involve in a wedding oversea. This is my 2nd time working with a well known wedding consultant in Hong Kong--Ms. Kate-Mag Chau. Both wedding that I have involved in oversea were in a tight schedule. Which wedding party woke up early in the morning like around 6:00 or 7:00am to get prepared. We as the coordinator start working while they are getting ready. Yes, it's early, but since every couple is different, they have their unique ideas for their day so of course the run down of the day will be different.

This wedding happened in June 2, 2007. We coordinated the whole event from 7:30am at the hotel to 3:00pm end of the reception. In Hong Kong (or some countries in Asia I shall say), the Groom usually go to the Bride's house first and pick up the Bride to go to their ceremony location. Before the Groom can pick up the Bride, bridesmaids usually play games with the Groom and his best men, not to challenge them, this is the time to show how much the Groom loves the Bride. After the games and Groom received the Bride from her father, they then have a tea ceremony to show respect to the Bride's parent and elder.

a photo before entering to the Bridal room

After the tea ceremony, everyone head to the ceremony location (just like the western style, some people do it in church, hotel, outdoor, club, and marriage registration office/city hall). For them, they decided to have their ceremony at the Marriage Registration Office. The marriage registration office in Hong Kong doesn't really look like a city hall as we see in States. They are decorated like a wedding ceremony location with flowers, ring pillow, and feather pen provided. Each couple will have their own room for the ceremony. All registry procedure will be done at the location and the whole ceremony takes about 30 minutes as usual.
Here is a photo at the Marriage Registration Office (outside of the room):

Wedding timeline is customized to different client. For this client, they have reception followed right after their ceremony. So once the ceremony ended, Kate and I had to go straight to the reception which only takes 15 to 20 minutes drive. The good thing is, the reception location is own by Kate (yes, she has a club house that do wedding ceremony and reception as well) so that her stuffs helped a lot with the set up and food preparation. When we arrived, most of the things are ready. Both of us did a final check and make sure we have all the decoration, favors, setting ready by the first guest arrive.

A little difference between the eastern and western style reception. You may heard that the Chinese Bride changes 5 gowns through out the reception. That's right. They basically have one gown for entrance, one after the speech, one for toast, one for games, and one for saying goodbye. The order may vary depends on couple. You may think, how can they manage to change so many times? Does this mean they don't get to eat? Of course not! Bride gets to eat even she has to change in many times. However, the portion may not be as much as the guests. And this is why, we as the wedding consultant give advice to client of where do they want things to be happened on the timeline. And that the Bride will get to eat and change the gowns.

For this couple, since their reception was only 4 hours, Bride decided to change her gown just one time. And this is from her wedding gown to the traditional Chinese dress--"Chi Po". In this way, they had time to catch up with guests, Thank you everyone to attend their special day, and time to share the romantic moment. Here comes my favorite part!! Groom chose to sing the most representing and memorable song to the Bride during the reception. This made everyone really feel the sweet between the two.

After every guest departed, we as the coordinator don't just depart like the guest. We stay till the couple finished packing up their items and make sure they have all their belongings before they go home. In my point of view, I would stay till as the last person to go so that nothing is left behind. If I depart before my client, I would blame myself of not being there if something went wrong. This is why and for you information, 10 hours wedding day service is applied in my Full Wedding Coordination and Wedding Day Coordination packages. I make sure my client will have me for as enough hours as they can, and they can enjoy, relax, and have fun with their family and friends. ;-)

Here are some photos from previous oversea wedding working with Kate at her club house "Le Manege" beginning of this year:

Me, Kate, Abby and Wilson

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip to Hong Kong Part 1

For those of you haven't been to Hong Kong, Hong Kong is a very busy and small city which most of the people spend time working more than 8 hours per day with the population above 6,000,000 people. Although it is a small city, it is also the most top financial district in the world. People are busy, but they made this small place an attractive and live city. Here is a photos of this city night view:

The International Financial District
Yes, you can see transportation is everywhere. I guess this is why a lot of visitor like to go to Hong Kong throughout the year. If you have a map in hand, places are easy to go from point A to point B. Hong Kong also have well known Subway which basically bring you to everywhere.

Photo in Subway

One last thing I want to share with you is a photo of a dragon boat. It was the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival during my stay, and this is my first time having a close up of the boat and actually going to the dragon boat competition for the very first time.
Sunset at the Coast

Tomorrow, I will share with you my 2nd experience being involved in a wedding in Hong Kong. Want to know if there's difference between the States and other country? Check that out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome to Amy's Wedding & Events New Blog!!

Welcome!! Welcome Everyone!!

Amy's Wedding & Events' blog is now live! I have been waiting for a long time to create this long ago, and now I can finally create this after my trip to Hong Kong. I am excited!! :-) My goal to create this blog is to be able to share news and interesting ideas for Bride and Groom-to-be, couple who would like to renew their marriage, and whoever is interested in wedding and party. By visiting my website should provide you enough information but here can be more! I love to help others no matter if they are my clients or not. Through this blog, I wanted to be able to provide my best and educate you to have a successful event.

Stay tune for my next post! I will talk about my trip in Hong Kong, and the wedding that I involved during my stay. ;-)