Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Wedding: Carolyn & Vincent

Congratulation once again to Carolyn and Vincent on their wedding!

I know it's been a delayed post and promised to show your few of their photos. Finally here you go for a peek~ (they are from my camera, but sure will post some pro. ones once I received it from the photographer.)

Carolyn and Vincent plus their family are just one big and friendly group to work with! I still remember when I first met with Carolyn and Vincent, Carolyn did most of the talking (as usual) and Vincent was just sitting there and listen (as usual). Once we met for second or third time, Vincent was all excited to discuss about the decoration and his idea on bringing his own equipment for their welcome guests station. And I'm so happy to see a groom to be that active on the wedding planning! (well a wedding shouldn't be only a bride idea, it's both bride and groom's idea!)

Toward their wedding day, I also got to meet Carolyn's big family with her mom and all uncles and aunties! They all are very nice and friendly people to be around. I don't feel like I'm only there to coordinate the day. I feel like I'm part of their family already since the rehearsal day. I still remembered during the rehearsal dinner, Carolyn's mom shared a few stories of Carolyn and Vincent, and when Carolyn's mom and Vincent got mad with each other, they would make a funny face..etc. I just have so much fun with this group!

Alright, back to the wedding...The wedding ceremony took place at the gorgeous church - The Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph - in downtown San Jose.

The wedding reception took place at the next door - San Jose Museum of Art. A very convenience location where guests do not have to travel far from one place to another. You may think: 'Wow, you can held a wedding at a museum?' To answer it, YES, you can! Often time people would lie museum is just too boring for a wedding if they are not an art person. But to tell you the truth. A lot of people (whether they love art or not), they have chosen museum as their wedding location. With the already interesting art work and some creative ideas of the decoration, surely, once you and your guests step into the museum, it will give you a 'WOW'! If you think the white wall is too plain, do an additional touch by using some lighting to keep your original wedding color and create the tone that you want your wedding to be.

I always suggest my couples to be creative! Create a name for each table that is meaning for to the both of you. Your guests will have fun finding their table and knowing where they will be sitting!

Do something special with your wedding favor! I love the ideas of using the luggage tag as the escort card and wedding favor. This set the theme of your wedding once guests enter from the entrance and also make it useful of what you a giving your guests!

And finally, a photo with my lovely and fun couple inside one of the art galleries.

And yes, there are so many photo shoot point that you can take amazing photos inside the galleries. So don't worry if there's no way for photos. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Registry on Invitaiton?

I received a call from a Kentucky Groom this afternoon and asked the following question:

Q: Can we put our wedding registry info on our invitation card?
A: Yes, you can and why not? Some people would think, so you are asking for gifts? Not really! It depends on your guests if they want to get it from the registry or not. It's only to inform your guests, they can also purchase present from your wish list. The reason why you setup for the registry is because you want to receive the item you want for your new home (if you are doing gift registry) instead of receiving something your guests randomly picked or something that may not be as useful as what's on your registry list. This will save your guests money by going off your list, and you as a newly-wed, be able to receive the present you want. If you think putting the info on the invitation is too much to ask for or for your guests to remember, create an additional card and attach it with the invitation. And other way to do is if you created your own wedding website, include the link on the invitation and direct guests to the registry page upon their willingness.

Speaking on wedding website, it is another easy way for those guests who are computer savvy, and have them do the RSVP through the web. Make it green and convenience for your guests instead of mailing back your RSVP~ Sometime, some guests will forget to write their respond or name, and it takes time for you to find out who he/she is toward your wedding day. Save yourself the time and enjoy before your wedding day! :)

Got any questions? Feel free to email or give me a ring~

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Life is full of excitements!!

I know, I know... this is suppose to be a wedding blog with posts regarding to weddings but I just can't wait to share a great news with everyone how HAPPY I am!

Just 30 minutes ago I received an email from my previous couple Kelly and Richard with two cute little pictures attached and guess what? They are expecting a new member to join the family early next year! Same month of last year, I saw them walk down the aisle happily and having fun at their reception. Exactly one year later, they are having more excitement for the family! I'm so happy for them and seeing them doing so well!! It seems like their wedding wasn't too long ago?!?! But it was definitely a meaningful one to me especially I got to do a wedding for someone (Richard) who studied at the same high school as me. And now with this great news, I am trilled!

Best wishes to the Lu's family with happiness and great health!

This is one of my favorite updates after each wedding. Seeing my couples (and always become my friends) are doing so well and starting their fabulous new journey together!

Life is full of excitements! Take your time to relax and enjoy~ and...Have a marvelous weekend! :D