Friday, May 30, 2008

What's your song donw the aisle?

I was chatting with my bride this morning about the song for her and the bridal party to walk down the aisle. She mentioned "Somewhere over the rainbow" and wanted the version of Israel Kamakawiwo Ole. Love the easy going and relax tone! Can't wait for her day to come!! :)

What about you? What will be your song to walk down the aisle? If you have any thought, feel free to drop a comment. Meanwhile, enjoy the song and have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be the Modern Bride of the Year

Do you want to be on the cover of the Modern Bride? My visit this morning at found out about the mbcontest they are having. If you are interested, go to Modern Bride Of The Year and check it out!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plan Ahead

I always encourage my brides to plan ahead so that they don't feel overwhelm or feel stressful to get things done toward the wedding.

I've been emailing back and forth with a bride who is planning a wedding in 2011 and actually got a chance to talk to her today. Her stage of planning now is looking for photos and make sure she knows what she wants when it's time to make the book. But for those who is getting married in these coming months or next year, if there's a vendor that you want to book, don't wait till the last minute to book them. Often time they may not be available on your wedding day. Since the wedding season is right around the corner, if you are planning your wedding now, think of what other vendors is still on your to book list, and make sure you get the one you like for your wedding! FYI, 2009 is booking already.

So plan ahead not only save you time, and also save you from being stressful and be relax throughout the planning process.

Have a happy planning!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I love going to bookstore and browse for wedding magazines! This way, I can step away from my office and get some refreshment by looking at ideas for flowers, decoration, the new trend...etc.

At my last visit, I decided to get this collector's edition of the Martha Stewart Weddings. It captured my eyes when I first saw the cover and read on, it's colorful and new ideas for different areas of wedding that you can think of can really be the refreshment of my day. If you are looking for playing color for your wedding decoration, check it out at any bookstore. Internet may be the main source for most of your wedding research, but it's always good to see what you can find from other source.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eves Bridal Boutique

I had a great time going to a final fitting with my upcoming bride, Jennifer, wedding in two weeks! Eves Bridal Boutique, that's where Jennifer found her gorgeous gown. I've been seeing picture of the gown on model but I got to see the gown on Jennifer the first time before the wedding, and I was thrilled that I finally got to see this pretty gown!! (And it's always good to look at it in person then a picture!!) I didn't take any photos of the gown nor don't want to post a photo here just in case Devin--the groom may check out my blog before the wedding...(keep it secret and surprise). I'm sure there will be a WOW on Devin's face when he see Jennifer in this beautiful dress! I can't wait!!

Stay tuned for their wedding photos. Meanwhile, if you are looking for your prefect gown, check out Eves Bridal Boutique and see if they carry the gown you are looking for. :)

Be pretty!! And have a relaxing Monday~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Augie Chang Photography

Augie was the photographer from Lauren and Brad wedding last year. He is such a creative and fun photographer to work with. Check out his website and blog. You will be amazed of his work!

And here is a photo with Augie from our lunch last week~

Eh...I think I look funny...I'm still getting uses to my new friend inside my mouth...(yes...I'm having braces on for just almost a month) :P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Up on the Palo Alto Hills

I was invited to the NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) event, and it's their 50th Anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary!! :)

It was my first time, and I had so much fun meeting with lots of new people in the industry (well, they are not new, just that I'm new to the association). We chatted and learnt about each other services and sure enough, they will be added on my vendors list in the future! This event was held at this beautiful location at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club. If you are looking for a private golf club or somewhere outside the city, this is a location you should definitely look into! And their foods are delicious!!!

Dessert time!! haha
Cupcake is the trend for wedding cake. I have more brides asking for where to find a bakery that do delicious cupcake, and here you go for one: Cake Coquette I like chocolate but because of the sweet, I don't usually go for chocolate if I have other choice. BUT, this is a chocolate that I like!! Not too sweet but still can taste the favor. Love it!

I don't really know what this call, but it's really yum!! 'Not too sweet' again :) and you can taste the fresh strawberry and vanilla favor cream on top of a sponge. And as you saw, it's from Satura Cakes. If you see it in store, try it!

And finally, here is a photo with my new friend!! Beverly Yip from Especially Yours Chair Covers. Super nice and busy girl which do awesome work on chair covers to make your wedding stand out even better! If you are looking for chair covers, you know who to go now. ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You as a guest...

Well, the wedding season is right around the corner! I'm sure some of you while you are planning your wedding, you may also get to invite to your friend's wedding. Here are some insight of what to wear and make you pretty as a guest to the summer wedding that you may be attending from the MSN Shopping: Editor's Pick... (yes, I love reading those wedding updates from MSN!! heh~)
Summer Wedding Guest Styles
With an average of 7,000 couples marrying each day in this country, odds are you're going to be invited to a wedding. It's no surprise these warmer months are the most popular time to tie the knot. Shannon McCarthy helps you navigate those nuptials in style.

Glam it Up -- Formal
A formal wedding will be one of the swankiest gatherings you'll ever attend. This isn't the time to hold back. Just avoid the taboo of dressing to outdo the bride (this includes wearing all white) and you've got carte blanche to go for the glam. Long swathes of silk, embroidered and beaded gowns, or strapless columns of chiffon will have you glowing amid the candlelight and camera flash. Rich jewel tones are classic, while softly gleaming metallics like gold or burnished bronze radiate up-to-the-minute chic. Drape your shoulders in a gossamer wrap and you'll be charming in a church or beautiful in a ballroom. For the etiquette-savvy, keep skirt length from mid-calf to floating just above the floor, and choose necklines that are less about sex-appeal and more about sophistication. You'll probably want to deck yourself out in a few sparkling baubles but just make sure they don't overpower your frock or your fellow guests.

Bring the Pretty -- Semi-formal
Most weddings are semi-formal affairs. But don't mistake this for casual. You want to aim for a feminine, pretty, put-together look. Save darker colors for nuptials later in the year — on-trend floral prints, bright pastels and lighter neutrals are vibrant and fresh right now. If the big event is pre-sundown, opt for breezier knee-length, shoulder-baring dresses in fabrics such as silk georgette and fluid rayon. Ceremonies after dark call for a little more sophistication, a bit more tailoring (perhaps a cocktail dress and little jacket combo) and a smattering of sequins. It's also perfectly proper to don pants. Just make sure they're of the wider flowing variety. Silk chiffon palazzos are ideal. Go ahead and wear some glitz, but instead of going too formal with your clothes, express it more with your accessories — a jeweled or patent clutch, strappy silver heels, swingy drop earrings, or a cute cocktail ring. You'll be gorgeous without looking like you tried too hard.

Get Back to Nature -- Outdoor Weddings
Beautiful, romantic, rustic and a little wild. The modern take on taking vows may now involve a bit of sand between the toes or birdsong to accompany the happy couple. For those invites that mention a garden setting, backyard, bluff or beach, try a drapey halter or spaghetti-strap frock in breathable fabrics such as cotton sateen or crisp linen (or try a silk-linen blend for a softer hand). And all those super-femme prints and primary shades so plentiful in the stores right now are gorgeous on a sunny afternoon, but make sure you're still dressed appropriately — nothing too tight, too revealing or overly flirty. This season's beautiful body-skimming dresses and easy-wearing (yet decidedly festive) maxi-dresses are perfect for keeping cool and looking lovely. Do go sexy with your sandals if you like, although a flat gladiator style or kitten-heel slingback works better outdoors than a potentially vertiginous high-heel. Aim toward that sweet middle ground between sultry and slouchy, and please, no jeans.

Coif Medicine -- Hair
Glamorous up-do's are ideal for showing off those shoulders and ear-blings at a formal ceremony. And more casual upswept hair is both pretty and practical if you'll be witnessing those troths being pledged outdoors. Of course, wearing a looser style that frames your face is also flattering. Whatever your style decision, here's an important tip — don't pile on the product. A few flyaways look better than a helmet-head. Even if your 'do appears fine at the beginning of festivities, too much mousse, gel or serum will leave it flat long before last call at the open bar. Start with a clarifying shampoo if your hair is oily, or a deep conditioning treatment if your tresses tend towards dry. A pre-heat styling spray protects your hair from damage and just a smidgen of volumizer at the roots before blowdrying will give lots of lift. Try a shine spray instead of a heavier serum for that final touch of brilliance, and think about toting along a "dry shampoo" to absorb oil and revive your style as the party progresses.

Saving Face -- Makeup
Weddings aren't the ideal environment for makeup, what with all the crying, laughing, hugging and dancing on tap. We do want to look our best from the ceremony's beginning to the end of the reception and a touch-up here and there usually suffices, but we'll need extra help when the event is held during warmer months. Stave off makeup meltdowns (especially when outdoors) with some face-saving strategies. Skip the liquid foundation and prep your skin with an oil-free tinted moisturizer and a layer of SPF (many moisturizers already include sunscreen). A concealer evens out under-eye circles, red spots and other imperfections without the need for full-on foundation. Oil-free primers can help your makeup stay put — but waterproof mascaras and eyeliners really seal the deal and clear brow gels keep arches in check. Powder eye shadows typically work better in the heat and humidity than cream formulas, and a sheer touch of gel blush and a subtle lip color that includes SPF will keep you glowing. A dusting of loose transparent powder finishes it off, but don't forget to carry lots of oil-blotting papers to soak up shine during the festivities.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Today I received an email from my upcoming bride and it's an update between her conversation with florist:

"I spoke to Maki last week and it went very well, she is very helpful. She also mentioned she is so glad you contacted her, she said she is usually the one calling the wedding coordinators!"

I know every wedding consultant has their own style to do things, and I can only speak for myself here. Yes, as it comes closer to the wedding day, once I received all the information I need from clients, I will go ahead to contact the hired vendors to first introduce myself, telling them that I'm so-and-so wedding consultant and second, to schedule a phone conference with them to discuss further about the clients wedding. This way, if the vendors didn't know the clients hired a wedding consultant, they can then find out if this for real, and I think it's always the nice way to give them a head-up, I will be in contact for them. During phone conference, I will go over the wedding information as well as the timing issue so that I can gather all information before creating the timeline. What I usually do is, I will prepare all the information and timeline on our wrap up meeting so that once everything is set, I can send it to vendors ahead of time, and this is why my clients no need to worry about if the vendors know what to do or what time to be there. I'll surely do the confirm before wedding. Since I'm hired by the clients, why would I wait to be contacted and do what a professional wedding consultant should do?

Ofter time I will receive comment like this, and this is very encouraging and this is why I want to be flexible on my time to work with vendors and provide my best to my client. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honeymoon Hot Spots

During your wedding planning, when you feel like you've got most of the wedding day items planned, then may be it's time to plan your honeymoon!! I was reading the MSN travel page this morning, and they talked about 13 honeymoon hot sports around the world. There's always something for everyone. If you need ideaa of where to go, may be this will help. :)

Oh...also, if you are thinking of should you do the gift registry or what to do if your guests buy you something that may not be useful as your wedding gift, may be you can think about the Honeymoon Registry. It becomes popular for couple to do honeymoon registry nowadays. This way, you can have your guests buy you items that you select for your honeymoon and for sure, it will be something you like ;) If you want more information, feel free to drop me an email!

Here we go for the 13 hot spots!! (click to see why they are hot spots)
All source provided by MSN Travel

1) Shenandoah National Park
2) Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico's Caribbean coast
3) Island for snorkeling and diving adventure
4) Maui
5) Eastern coast of Africa
6) European tour by the Orient-Express
7) Outdoor adventure at wild side of New Zealand
8) Southern Bahamas - Musha Cay
9) Tuscany
10) New York City
11) French Polynesia's Bora Bora
12) Dubai in Middle East
13) The tropical island at Bali

Happy Planning~~

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

What a HOT day again!! It feels like today is even hotter so I headed to Starbucks for a lemonade. It cooled me down a bit... :)

So what's for today? Photo booth!! Knowing clients will have a photo booth is so much fun! From those photo, you got to see your guests making funny faces (and actually let you know your guests better because they might do something they don't usually do...heh). This can also tell, your guests really enjoy and have fun at your wedding! Isn't it a cool idea? The whole point is the make everyone, including you to have fun and a great time on your day!!

...and finally I got the photo below at the correct position. I wanted to post it yesterday but couldn't get it in the right position. Good that it works today!! This is a page from the photo album of Linda and Roland. Marc got all their photos that taken by the photo booth and put it altogether in two pages. Isn't it fun to keep and you can view it all in at the same page instead of each individual?

Hopefully tomorrow will cool down a little bit...Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend~~

Photo Album from This is iT Photography
Photo Booth Collage inside the photo album from Party Booths

This is iT??

Wow!! What a hot day today? When I got into my car this afternoon, it showed 110 degrees and this is only mid-May! So here you go for an overview photo from Honolulu mountain. Hope this will cool you down a little bit~ :D

Because of this hot weather...I escaped to this new studio -- This is iT Photography owned by Marc and Phoebe, a husband and wife team. If you read my blog or visited my website, you may not be familiar with this name. It's actually a new name from a former company called Memory Station Studio (this gives you a click right?) which you may already saw some of my previous posts or even photos shown on my website. Today, I visited their new studio at Santa Clara. It's big, good open space and nice wall back drop around the studio. If you want to do some indoor portrait, may be you can take it there. Tell them I sent you.

Studio Address:
980 El Camino Real, Suite #170, Santa Clara, CA 95050

As always...Photo time!! :)

So glad to see my previous client here, Linda and Roland. I was just chatting with Linda over the Internet last night and not until she mentioned it, it's been a half year already since they got married. Time Flies!! Oh...and that's Marc in the blue shirt.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your help is needed!

I decided to make a post that talk other than wedding... As you may all know, there are natural disasters happened recently in China and Myanmar. Number of humans lives are missing, become homeless, and die every day. Supplies and clean foods are urgently needed, and your support will mean a lot to victims who suffer from these disasters.

Click the below links to learn more about the updates or make a donation:

China Earthquake
Make a donation
Red Cross

Myanmar Cyclone
Make a donation
Red Cross

A small help from you would help a lot of people!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding on DVD?? Yes or No?

I see my clients having videographer record their wedding in an interesting rate. Some think rather they will watch it often or not, they want to have something in motion to keep so that they can look back on their special day. Some, of course, because of budget, videographer is always the last on the list, or they think, no way, I don't think I will never watch it again, or, my friends will record it for us...

Some may say, I don't want to watch the video for an hour! It gets boring!! BUT...most of the videographers provide two versions in the DVD nowadays. One is shorter like around 15 to 20 minutes, and the other clip for around 45 minutes. This included the whole day, and you may surprise to watch your guests conversation on your wedding day! As a coordinator, I got to witness the whole wedding day from early morning till end of the night; however, I always have fun watching the video of my clients after the videographer done all the editing. From the video, I can still feel the happiness and how's everyone enjoy the celebration with bride and groom. Not selling here that you need to get a videographer, but think about if this is something you might want for your wedding. ;)

Below are 14 points from A Video Reflection of "Why Do You Need A Professional Wedding Video".

You have just got back from your Honeymoon thinking of the great new memories you have for those nice tropical beaches and warm tropical nights...but...

1) You try to remember the wedding day and your mind has completely gone blank.
2) The bride sees her pictures for the 1st time and loves them but, something is missing. She wishes to relive the wedding day emotions and sounds
3) She wishes to hear her bridesmaids and family all interacting with her as she is getting ready
4) She wishes to see the groom getting ready with all the guys
5) She wishes to see her fathers emotions fall apart as he sees her for the 1st time
6) She wishes to see and feel her father escorting her down the isle as guest look on
7) She wishes to see the 1st look of the groom as he sees her for the 1st time
8) She wishes to hear his voice as he speaks his true hearts desire and commitment, to feel the impact of each word as it was spoken during the vows
9) She yearns to see the kiss and to hear Mr. and Mrs. ...
10) She yearns to hear the toasting, to see the 1st dance and Father dance.
11) She wishes to relive the cake cut and all the rest of the evening on the last dance
12) She is wondering why her video is so boring and why parts of the Reception are missing...what is all this shakiness? (she used her uncle who said he knew video)
13) There are missing receptions moments that didn't happen...was my uncle visiting friends and family at that time?
14) She is painfully saddened by the fact she didn't budget and hire a Professional Videographer

Monday, May 12, 2008

Color Up!!

At wedding, color is important to show guests your personality and style. After you have selected your color(s), it can then easily determine a theme or tone. The theme does not necessary needs to be like one of those Disney's stories, or a specific 4th of July, or Christmas...etc. It can be something elegant, simple, clean, or even go by the season: winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are many ways to personalize your wedding in color by the bouquet you are holding, the dress for your bridesmaids, the tie of the groom and groomsmen, the table linen and chair cover in the reception and more...

I love colorful and mix and match idea. Last Friday, I went to the ACPWC Speaker Day held in Toll House in Los Gatos, and it gave a great example of the spring/summer theme by playing with colors for our luncheon.

Here are some of the vendors that are featured at the event...
Rental -- Classic Party Rental
Florist -- Asiel Design
Photographer -- Todd Rafalovich Photography
Videographer -- A Video Reflection
DJ -- Sound in Motion
Bakery -- Just Cake, Satura Cakes
Stationery -- Marizette Paperie
Transportation -- Elegant Journey Limousine
Wedding Favor -- Carried Away Favor

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMs!!!

Read something interesting from the newspaper yesterday. A research conducted from show the annual salary for a full time mom is about $116,805.00, and part time mom (means they have their own full time job) is about $68,405.00. (My first thought was, wow, Mom should get paid more then that!!) Mom really take care of a family using her full energy to make sure everything goes right. They don't have a time card where they can clock in/out. They pretty much work 24 hrs plus on call. Salute to all Mom!! If you are interested in the research click here to find out more.

Well, yes, today's topic is somewhat about wedding but featured by mom. hah..
Saw the photo on the top? That's the photo I took yesterday when my mom and I went to the Chateau CharMarron Gardens I was surprised that we have something like this local in San Jose. This is a private garden but open to public to purchase Irises, Lilies, and Peonies. The peonies are huge! The bigger one can open up like a good hand size! If you don't want to buy a whole pot, you can simply cut a stem for $2. And this is what I got for my mom this year. I let her pick and cut the ones that she loves and here's the photo of what she got. It's always the best to get someone what he/she wants, right??

This arrangement can easily rate more than $50 if you purchase in store. And here it's about $30 with all the little flowers to decorate. Good deal right? ;)

Peonies usually start blooming in spring time, and stay for the whole summer and begin to rest in Full. So they are good season flowers for spring and summer wedding. The are pretty to be used as centerpieces or head pieces. If you are interested in checking out the garden, you can check out their website listed above and here's the address:
5335 Sierra Road, San Jose, CA 95132
Phone: (408) 251-7048

This garden is up on the San Jose mountain. The drive will give you an overview of the city. But do be careful while you are driving. Half of the drive will be on one way, narrow road, and like to the edge of the road. When you arrive to the drive way, you will be greet by few Llamas. Yes, Llama in San Jose!! If you like flower, I think it would well worth to go up there. Enjoy the pick and the gorgeous flowers~

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Work it out!!

In order to look prefect on the big day, some brides may decided to do exercise to keep their shape. Working out not only can keep you in good shape, you can be more energize on the wedding day from all the standing and smiling! Below, see how you can include the exercises to prevent the tiredness~ Enjoy and have fun!! ;)
Wedding Workout
by Kate Dailey for ExerciseTV

Every bride wants to look amazing in her wedding dress. But surviving your wedding day is a separate challenge altogether. The happiest day of your life is also a grueling, intense, marathon of a day—and one done in a corset and heels. That’s why we found the best tips to beat common wedding conundrums—and unveiled some new moves from Violet Zaki’s Bridal Body Burn Workout. Follow these steps to ensure that you start AND end the day looking fantastic.

PROBLEM: You have to spend an entire hour standing in front of your friends and family—no slouching or fidgeting!

SOLUTION: Add this move to your workout in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. It will work your triceps, shoulders, upper back, core, glutes, and thighs, and improve balance, all of which will help perfect your posture.

With a set of 5-pound weights, stand on your right leg with a soft knee. Lift your left knee to hip level, and bring your arms extended behind you with weights in both hands. Bring your hands closer together, almost touching. Open your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together. As you lift your arms up and away from your body, rotate your lift knee to the left keeping your hips and shoulders still. As you lower your arms, bring your knee back to the front. Do 10-12 reps on each leg with two counts up and two counts down.

“During the ceremony think about lengthening the back of your neck so that you look taller, confident, elegant and graceful,” says Zaki. “Avoid locking your knees—release them so that you are able to stand in those cute shoes for hours on end.”

PROBLEM: A pro (or a steady-handed pal) applied perfect makeup in the morning, but it has to last all day.

SOLUTION: Be sure to apply an oil-free moisturizer and a shine free primer before you have your makeup applied. “You don’t want to use a primer every day, because it blocks the pores and can lead to breakouts,” says Keri Ellet, celebrity makeup artist at the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. “But for special occasions, it seals the pores and prevents the makeup from being absorbed into your skin.” Once your makeup is applied, seal it in a matte mineral powder.

PROBLEM: You’ll need a lot of calories and nutrients to get you through the day, but you’re also trying to squeeze into your dress.

SOLUTION: Fill up on lots of lean protein, which will give you long-lasting energy without upsetting your stomach. “It’s not going to hold onto extra water and make you feel puffy and bloated, like fiber may,” says Keri Glassman, owner of Nutritious Life, a nutrition consulting firm in New York City. Have fresh turkey, an egg-white omelet, or hard-boiled eggs.

Be sure to eat enough—no one wants a woozy bride. During the day, snack on edamame or nuts, which will give you a mix of good fat and protein. Berries offer a good mix of fiber and natural sugars, but will stain if you get sloppy, so try some peanut butter on a banana for a similar effect.

PROBLEM: To look perfect in pictures, you need to hold your bouquet high—but it’s heavier than you thought.

SOLUTION: Prepare your biceps, shoulders, glutes, and quads with this move, which will also help your balance and core. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with 5-pound weights in each hand, palms facing away from you. Squat, bringing your elbows to your knees, raising the weights into a bicep curl. Come out of the squat and stand, lifting your heels while extending your arms overhead turning palms away from you. Do these slowly, for three sets of 12.

“While holding your bouquet on your special day, pull your elbows in and be sure to have your hands in line with your elbows,” says Zaki.

Bridal Body Fix
Brides on the Ball
Honeymoon Hot Body

PROBLEM: A ceremony full of laughter and tears has left you looking worn out.

SOLUTION: The most important thing you can do to freshen up your makeup is not re-applying your blush or your lipstick, but your under-eye concealer. “Tears, smiling—that’s a lot of wear and tear around your eyes, and it’s really easy to accumulate lines,” says Ellet. Using a Q-tip and makeup remover, remove the morning’s concealer and replaced it with a fresh application mid-day. “Your whole face looks so much fresher if you do that,” Ellet says.

Save some energy for after the big day because that's when the real fun begins. If you get started on it now, the Honeymoon Hot Body workout above will help you look look your best and feel great about your body on your wedding night.

To really get fit for your Big Day, find all of Violet’s bridal workouts online at