Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Left or Right??

Question: "Which side should the bride and groom be seated?" or "Which way should I be when we walk into the reception?"

Answer: After you got married, the seating etiquette of how bride and groom walk, hold hands, and be seated has a meaning. Remember at the ceremony, the groom stand on the left hand side of the bride. So at the recessional, he will be holding his bride's left hand as they introduce as Mr. and Mrs.. By that said, he is to hold his bride's ring hand to his heart. You may ask, but I've seen people where the groom is on the right hand side of the bride at the reception? Maybe one of them is left handed and the other is right. This is totally up to you on how you feel comfortable.

This is a most command question I got asked on the wedding and I would always remind my couple. I think this is such a sweet thing to do for the groom to hold his bride with the ring closer to him. Don't you think? ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Real Wedding: Tanya & Jamil...7.12.2008

Congratulation to the new Mr. and Mrs. Tanya and Jamil King!

This is such a dream comes true wedding for Tanya and Jamil. I still remember I received a call from Tanya last year while she was planning her 'destination wedding' here in San Jose. She didn't have all details straighten out yet but she knew that she didn't want to worry anything on her wedding day. We customized a package for her based on her budget (*who say you can't hire a wedding consultant if you are in a budget??) and this is how we started.

Since she lived in Goleta (near Santa Barbara) by then, and didn't come up so often, we were only be able to talk on phone until few weeks prior her wedding. Tanya is such a sweetheart and I knew we clicked instantly by the time we first met. :)

Because they were in a tight budget, I'm so glad their parents supported them on part of the wedding expenses and make this became reality! Yes, not too much of fancy and high-end decoration, but this is what they want. A celebration with family and friends!

Tanya told me she wanted to have a unity candle ceremony the third time we talked. But since they were having the ceremony outdoor with great sunshine, a sand ceremony is prefect! You got to choose your wedding color(s) and mix it together (which also stand by a similar meaning as the unity candle). If you are having an outdoor ceremony and want to incorporate the idea. You know what to do. ;)

Of course, always a picture with my lovely couple

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beside Slideshow...

Wow, time files!! It's almost the end of July and I haven't been updating since the beginning of the month! How can it happened? Sorry for not being up-to-date. I was paying 100% attention to my July brides and grooms and that's why I've been gone for awhile. :) (this is how I treat my couples, no matter which package they pick, they will have my full attention. This is what I'm here for!~)

Alright, I want to share a video with you all of my newly-wed couple who just got married on last Saturday (yes, just few days ago and I got a video to show you!) My couple hired Lumitone based in Concord. Within the package, they had the 'same day edit' which they can produce a video within an hour after your ceremony and right before your dinner meals begin to serve. That night, all guests got to see the video with the preparation of the bridal party, photo session beforehand, ceremony, and the formal introduction at the beginning of the reception. This is one cool thing I think is so worth to get a videographer!!

Well, I will talk more on my couple at their post but here you go for the link to the video! (it requires to view with QuickTime Player. If you don't have one, simply go to Apple.com and get a free download)

Take me to the video
Just in case if it takes a long time to download, you may also want to copy the following link and paste it at QuickTime Player: http://www.lumitone.com/hernandez-sde.mov

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Goes Hi-Tech

Often time, brides and grooms will come up with the following questions when doing invitation:
"What if people can't attend our wedding?" OR "Will guests come if they need to fly from out-of-states / other countries?"

With today's technology, these questions are being solved. A recent article I read from the MSN about "World wide weddings: Couples webcast nuptials" discussed there are companies offering webcasting couples' wedding service for those guests who couldn't be able to attend the wedding but still be want to be part of it at different locations. Ever think of 'webcasting' yourself on your wedding day? Today, you can look for companies that provide this type service if you are having the big question mark over you head on what to do with those who can't go to your wedding. While video will documented your special story, webcasting your wedding ceremony or the most important part and share with those 'cannot make it guests' instantly can be an option. However, some states / countries may not have this type of service to offer yet...hopefully it's coming soon! Should be fun to have a wedding webcasted!

Click the above link for the complete article.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Friend from Singapore

Joelle Ung from Sedan of Love, my friend from Singapore who is also a wedding planner over there. We met through the training we took from ACPWC back in 2006. (Time files!!!) But we are friend since then and kept in touch after class. Sometime when I visit her blog, I'm impressed of seeing different setting of venues and style oversea. I'm happy to have a friend in the same business to share ideas and learn more from different countries weddings!

And here is a picture with Joelle

An interesting post that I found from Joelle's blog. It's so true, and it sure apply to every culture / country on why you need a wedding consultant.

"The more weddings I do, the more convinced I am with couples hiring a Wedding Planner! And seriously, we need more Professional Wedding Planners or Specialised Wedding Designers.

Many brides think they have already have a lot of the details worked out and forgo a planner or simply hire for few hours on the day! Well, just wanted to outline a few pro's. To begin with, our duty is not just getting you a good deal or the cheapest deal in town! Most importantly, a planner is there to keep the logistical part of your day flowing. And, this starts at least 2 months prior to your wedding!!

Typically, a planner should provide you with a few vendors in each category that meet your style! There's more than 200 wedding photographers in Singapore. Is it worth your time to call each one of them to see what they charge and if they fit the style you like?

Your planner may think of things you haven't. Typically brides forget about the little details like reminding your JP one day before your wedding, or simply ordering food for your vendors and so forth.

And, in my experience, brides tend to not know where to stand ethically. For example, one bride wanted to go with free seating and the other, in her invitation to include preference of money envelope. Both are BIG NO NO's.

Although your hotel may have a event manager on hand, they are responsible for their venue only. So, if your baker doesn't show up with your cake, they are NOT responsible for contacting your baker to see where they are. If you have a planner, they ensure your DJ is there and set up timely, your photographer is taking the shots you requested and so on..

Every bride deserves a planner to be at their side and take care of what YOU need. Really!

So why would you have someone with no experience or certification, be in charge of the most important day in your life? If you have appointed someone "important" (your friend / your mother / your sister). They might be going to miss an important moment in your day. Looking at you putting on the veil, the small talk etc!

Lastly, u may think a planner will step on your toes and control your day, that's completely untrue. Fire the planner if you meet one!"
Happy 4th of July and be safe!! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The New Cellular Phone Laws is effected today. Remember to bring your hand-free with you when you are out to your car and have it set up before you drive! Drive Safe~