Friday, February 29, 2008

The E and W-Ring

I was reading some wedding magazines yesterday, pages and pages of rings appeared to show bride and groom-to-be to find the perfect ring! :) (There are so many different cuts and shapes that people can study to whole day!!) Anyway, today I'm not going to talk about how to find the perfect ring or the cuts and shapes of the ring...

While I was flipping the magazines, that reminded me something that I must do to remind my brides on the wedding day! And this may be a good information for you to know before the wedding~ "Is the correct way to put your E-ring and Wedding ring!" (I'll use E-ring = Engagement ring and W-ring = Wedding ring)

Some people put it on their right hand, some on left; or they put their E-ring first then W-ring. So which way is correct?

Every time, before the ceremony, I always remind my bride, put your E-ring on your right hand so that you can save room for the W-ring on the left hand. Why? This way, there's no need to take off your E-ring, and at the same time you can show the sparkling diamond in the photos. After you have exchanged the wedding ring, and after the ceremony, you can easily slide the E-ring back to your left hand and FYI, the reason why putting the W-ring first then E-ring is because the W-ring will always be close to your heart :) As well as while you are sitting at the reception, your husband will always be holding your hand with your rings on~ I think this is very sweet and really show the meaning of the two rings.

Hope this is an informational session for you today. :D

It's Friday and the sun is out!! Hope everyone will enjoy the last day of February~

Monday, February 25, 2008

The New Mr. & Mrs. Do

Congratulation to my newly wed couple:
Gwen & Perry Do on February 23, 2008

This is a great turn-out wedding with lot of hard work from the bride and groom, lots of creative ideas to make an empty hall turn into a great reception / party theme!

This is how the hall originally look like when we do the site inspection..

The afternoon before the wedding day..

And finally...the look of the wedding day!!

I met with them last year in March and Gwen is already falling in love with lots of ideas and colors that she wanted for the wedding. Throughout the year, we've been on the phone for hours, emailing back and forth, and in person meeting. I'm happy to provide my suggestions and advice on how to make things work. And now the wedding is done, I'm going to miss the time we chatted on phone on all the fun ideas.

As a wedding consultant, our job on the day of not only to make the day run smooth but also to make sure the vision and ideas of the bride and groom become a reality on their wedding day. The setup turned out to be their ideas come true and real. I'm thrilled to see that they are so happy and had a great celebration with their family and friends.

Okay...something attractive that made Perry look away..

Alright, my camera is not as great as the professional...but stay tune for all the great photos when the photographer send them to me :)

The Team:
Location: Napredak Hall
Caterer: Asian Garden
Photographer: Memory Station Studio
Florist: Adorable Flowers & Gifts
Lighting: Elle Music & Events

Thursday, February 14, 2008

~Happy Valentine's Day~

Wishing you everyday a sweeter and happier day with your love ones!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Promo from Memory Station Studio

Valentine's Day is coming!! I just received a great promotion from one of the great photographers I worked with before. If you are looking for a photographer, check them out! Click on the below link for detail on this special promo. ;)

You can also click this link to check out their photos for my pervious client.

Have fun!! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lately Update

It's the second month of 2008!! Wow, time really flies!!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beginning of the year. Yeah...the sun is finally out!! :)

So what's Amy been doing since the New Year? After the New Year, I got to celebrate another New Year just last week. It's the Chinese New Year, and I had some great time off with my family and visit some relatives over the weekend.

So what about work? I'm currently in a process of updating some of the details of the website and will be adding page to show more of my wedding/events' photos. After a year in the industry....I'm lovin' it! I love what I'm doing and seeing all my happy brides and happy grooms start their lives together with joy and bless from families and friends. This is well worth of making the decision of changing my career years ago. :) In this new year, I'm ready and looking forward to work with bride and groom or even their family on anything about planning. 2008 will be another awesome year!
One more reason why I'm so glad on what I'm doing now. My job not only assists clients throughout their wedding planning and seeing them start their lives happily together. It's also having to meet/know them and be able to keep in touch with them.

I received a postcard from one of my pervious clients Lauren and Brad Hopper just last Friday. It's a postcard of them and their new born baby girl--Lydia. I was thrill that they are doing so well. Lydia really is an adorable baby and look so pretty just like Lauren and Brad. I'm sure they are happy with the new life came. All the best to the Hopper's family with good health and happy lives.

Notes from the Hopper:
Thank you so much for helping us pull everything together. I don't know how I could have done it without you! Everything went so well and our family and guests kept telling us how polite and professional you were. Brad and I were very impressed and beyond pleased!
--Lauren and Brad"